Shopping and Shoots


I’ve actually been busy believe it or not! I started taking classes at the gym. We’re paying $50/ month for a membership, and Ryan works out at work, and if I worked out, it was in the dinky little workout room here at our apartment. So I’m doing classes every day and I really like it! This morning I did an hour long spin class, and then a 30 minute ab class. I looked like I had just showered. A lady came up to introduce herself and was like, “Hi, I’m CJ! And you’re… wet…” It was bad, but good at the same time!

I also got to do two more shoots! I would’ve had a third, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Oh well. Look how precious Emma and her Mommy and Daddy are!


This was definitely one of my favorite shoots!

The other shoot I got to do was with the very first couple I ever photographed. Since that first shoot, they’ve gotten married and now have two crazy fur babies, Rocky and Romeo! A vet rescued their mama from a shelter before she had her babies. {Yay for adoption/rescue!} 7 weeks old might be a little too soon to do a shoot, but they tired out towards the end and we got some adorable shots!


As always, if you want to see more, you can check out my Facebook page!

I think I really need some Spring/Summer weather in my life. I have been going a little crazy shopping for warm weather, but haven’t been able to wear any of it! I also found out that my lovely friend, Katie, whom I originally bonded with over photography, also has a shopping addiction! She’s in Michigan, but I feel like when Ryan and I move up there in November, we may have a shopping trip and end up spending too much. I don’t know though. She has a blog too though! Check it out!

Anyways, yesterday at Old Navy was definitely my best deal. I had been eyeing my favorite shorts, but wasn’t going to pay $23 for them, so I patiently waited, and now they’re on sale for $15! Also, lots of tank tops and other cute stuff was on sale. I ended up walking out with 4 t-shirts for Ryan, 3 tank tops for me, and 3 pairs of shorts for less than $70!


I am loving the bright colors!!

I also have been wanting a pair of sandals for a while, but the “originals” are crazy expensive, so I’ve always kept an eye out for knock-offs. I finally found some. It was a glorious moment. They were at a little boutique on Emerald Isle for less than $20.


I’m in love with them. It needs to warm up. We’re half way through March, Mother Nature. Get it together.

I’m making Pineapple Chicken Verde from The Gracious Pantry in the crock pot for dinner, and I need to get it goin’, so I’ll make a follow-up post with how that turns out. For now, go “like” my photography page! :)


I’m Back!


I think it’s safe to say I took a slight hiatus from the blogging world there for a bit. But I’m back! And as much as I’d love to say the hiatus was caused by my extremely busy schedule, I cannot. It was simply caused by my laziness. And for that, I apologize. I really haven’t had any topics come to me that I’d like to write about though, so I’ll simply fill you in on a few things that have been going on in my life.

I’ve done a few shoots since the last time I mentioned one on here, but I did two recently that I love. One was a one year anniversary shoot, and the other was a hospital shoot for my friend, Korrie, who just had her baby girl! If you want to see more from these two, visit my Facebook page! :)



I’m hoping to get to do a shoot with Korrie again at their house, so fingers crossed that there’s more to come from that precious baby girl!

My birthday was on Saturday. We went to this super fun little painting class on Friday though. It was “Paint Your Pet Night”! We e-mailed them a picture of our pet when we signed up, they sketched it onto a canvas for us, and then they walked us through the painting step-by-step! Seriously, so fun. Check out our paintings!


Ryan painted our cat, Dante, and for those of you who don’t know me outside of this blog, that’s my dog, Rocky, who died last year in May. He was 15 and the best dog I will ever have. I’m not emotionally ready for another dog, and I don’t know when I will be. But now that I have this painting, he’ll be with me forever. I figured a painting is a little classier than a tattoo. So that’s that.

On Saturday, my actual birthday, we went and got breakfast at Chick-fil-a, which is always amazing. Then we finally got our taxes done, ate at a new Chinese place in town, and went shopping! I haven’t been clothes shopping like that in so long. It was much needed. But back to the Chinese place we ate at. We had been going to the same take-out place since we moved here in August. {For Jacksonville people, it was right next to Shogun off Western.} We tried to go there a few weeks ago, and it was shut down! Well, now it’s back open and it’s called Little China. It is so nice inside, and the food is so good. Y’know how sometimes when you eat chicken from Chinese places, you’re not totally sure it’s chicken? That wasn’t the case at all. It’s amazing. And the Crispy Cheese Wontons, my absolute weakness, are to die for. I’m happy it’s so close to us!

So we went shopping, did some damage there, and then went down to Swansboro. Ryan has always loved that area, but I think we both fell in love with it when we went to the downtown area on Saturday. There’s a bunch of cute little shops, and it’s such a cute atmosphere. We’re going back again this weekend for a St. Patty’s Day thing, and I have two shoots in the area! I can’t wait! We ate dinner at a restaurant called Icehouse, which was hands down the best dinner I’ve had, possibly ever. It was right on the water. I forget what it was that I ordered, but it had grilled chicken and some sort of butternut squash with candied pecans and dried cranberries. I want to feel that awful “I ate too much” feeling all over again by getting it again next weekend. We’ll see though.

mery sunset

OH! If you didn’t notice, I also got a haircut! I hadn’t cut my hair in about a year because I was trying to let it grow out, but was obviously doing it wrong. I gave up and chopped it. Ryan wanted me to, and I had never gone this short before, so I went for it! I absolutely love it! Like I cannot get enough. For those of you in Jacksonville who are nervous about going to a new salon, go to Inspire. It’s kind of on the corner of Lejeune Blvd. and Western, next to Burger King. It looks sketchy because of the building, but it is adorable inside! They do great work and my total for a cut and style was less than $40 with a tip! So worth every penny!


So that’s what’s been goin on with me. New shoots, new hairs, new foods, new age- lots of new, but still the same ol’ me!


Not a Teen Mom Anymore


Yesterday I did absolutely nothing for 95% of the day. It was actually depressing and really pathetic. Ryan left for the range, and I had absolutely zero plans. Around 3:00, I finally forced myself to go workout in our little apartment “gym” that’s a room about 15′ x 10′. I hardly did anything, went and checked the mail (junk), and then came upstairs and did abs. While I was doing abs though, I decided to watch the updates on the original teen moms. Now I don’t watch MTV unless it’s Ridiculousness or Fantasy Factory. We really like those shows. But yesterday I didn’t feel like watching the crime shows on ID anymore, so I looked for something else and stopped on the Teen Mom shows for whatever reason.

Now I try to keep my opinions on parenting to myself because I’m not a parent yet. I don’t have experience in that field, but I am old enough to have developed opinions and beliefs about how my husband and I will raise our children to be successful citizens who contribute to society and do the right thing. Will they be perfect? I mean, they are my offspring so… Kidding! No, they wil not be perfect by any means. But they will be respectful, they will know right from wrong, they will speak when spoken to, and when they need it, they will be spanked. Yeah, I said it. I will, without a doubt, spank my children. If you choose to comment on that, please know that regardless of what you waste your time typing, you will not sway my opinion. Farrah should try it. And I believe her parents should have tried it too. A lot sooner than when she was 16 and pregnant.

I know my relationship with my mom wasn’t always perfect, and it’s far better now that there’s a few states between us. I know that. But my goodness, I have never felt so uncomfortable watching a TV show as I did yesterday watching Farrah talk to her mom. Oh, you have a few sex tapes, plastic surgery that makes you look worse than you did before, and enough money to buy a really nice house in an awesome city, so now you’re entitled to treat your mom like dirt? She may not have been the best mom, and she may have started smacking Farrah in the mouth when she needed it a little too late (Who am I kidding? It was a lot too late.), but goodness! She is certainly trying to be a better grandmother to her daughter, and mother and friend to Farrah after all has been said and done. Maybe Farrah could learn from the mistakes her mother made rather than hold grudges and be resentful. Y’know, like maybe instead of putting her daughter in “time out”, which was actually just making her take a nap, she could spank her, put her in time out for four minutes (because she’s four) and then talk to her child about behavior that’s okay and not okay. I would also like to point out that the reason her daughter started acting out was because she was writing in her new notebook from her Grandma, Farrah wanted a picture with the new purses someone sent them, Sophia didn’t want to, and Farrah got mad. I don’t know why I’m surprised though. She also talks to her daughter about tanning and going to see her doctor to make her look younger. Yes, those are concepts that a four year old will surely understand. The only thing this four year old cares about is the pacifier that she still has in her mouth.

Now I can definitely see where Farrah is trying to be a good mom. And at first glance, most people would see that too. Sophia’s enrolled in a private school, she attends dance class, she has a typical four year old room, complete with a princess theme and stuffed animals. She is trying, but there’s so many issues in this girl’s life that will never allow for Sophia to live a “normal” life. Farrah befriends one of the MTV producers and in conversation says how she will be able to raise Sophia and protect her from all of the things she has had to endure. When her sex industry business gets brought up, Farrah says that only “someone who is sick and twisted would bring that up to her daughter”. Now come on… do you really think your daughter is never going to see that? She most definitely will. And the fact that Farrah has now made two sex videos and still proclaims that she’s not a porn star is just mind boggling. I feel so sorry for Sophia, amongst other things, the day she has to come face-to-face with that reality.

I watched the other updates too. I commend Chelsea and Maci for raising their children with a sense of normalcy. Or as normal as can be expected for a 21 year old mother who is no balancing school, a TV show, and a baby daddy whom they are no longer with.

As far as Amber goes, I still can’t decide if she’s going to pull through and pursue her dreams of opening a rehab facility or if she’s going to relapse and send her entire family through a living hell again. I’m pretty sure her ex, Gary, is even bigger than he was in the original series and I don’t know how he’s still functioning. His weight has got to be hindering his involvement as a father. He seems to be a very sweet guy to his new girlfriend, and Amber will never be able to compete with her, but he can’t even get on the floor to play with is daughter. It’s so sad.

Jenelle is just Janelle and although she seems to have found a good guy with his head on straight, I can’t imagine that lasting long. And then, since they’ve only been dating two months and are already trying for a baby after she just aborted one, the vicious cycle is going to start over and there’s inevitably going to be another Jace. Lord help her poor mother.

Catelynn and Tyler were by far my favorite couple. They had their heads on straight, even more so than their parents, and still do. Which is probably why they’re raising Catelynn’s teen sister. I admired them as a young, 16 year old couple, and still admire them as the 21 year old couple they are now. They have beat the odds and shown their viewers and fans the true definition of love. It was possible that Catelynn was pregnant again during their update and I was a little bummed when her test was negative. I know it’s best for them that she wasn’t, but part of me wants them to get to experience getting to keep their baby. And I know when the time is right they will. I love that they fight, apologize, do things apart, do things together, and just go through life together, and at the end of every day, they’re still each other’s best friend. I love even more that the show didn’t ruin them.

After watching this whole mess, I must say, even before I have children I am already feeling incredibly blessed. I will be having children in my 20′s, with a man who I know will be a good father, and who I know will be there for me to help raise them.


“Friends” and Friends


When do you hit that age where “friends” are actual friends? Or maybe it’s not an age, but a certain point. You know, friends like the people I hear my mom talk about routinely, the people I met when she was working at the surgery center when I was a toddler till I was nine that I still hear about, that she still goes to lunch with, that I still see when I visit her at work, and friends from that long ago that even sent me a wedding gift. Those friends. The friends you have for years that you may not talk to everyday, but that you will always call a friend. I have more “friends” now than I ever did in high school or college. I am extremely sarcastic and I typically have no filter for the things that come out of my mouth, so people think I’m mean. I’m really not. I’m brutally honest, but in fact, I’ve been told I should be a humanitarian of sorts because I have a very giving heart. That is my strong suit, and it can also be my downfall. I have to keep in mind that even though I am willing to go above and beyond for people, they are not always willing to do the same for me. And while I know life isn’t always fair, I make it a point to see that I’m not taken advantage of by any person I may consider a friend. But that’s not the point of this post- I’m not trying to say, “Pick me!” or advocate myself as the poster child for a good friend. The point is that usually, that word friend comes with those quotation marks you first saw around the word friend in this post. I have a lot of “friends”, but only a handful of friends.

The other day, Ryan was going to the field and said to me, “If you need anything, call Cory.” Cory lives about a minute up the road from us, and despite what I have ever thought about him, the bottom line is that he’s a good friend to Ryan. I asked him why I would call Cory, implying that I had friends I could call if I needed to. The conversation went on and turned to, what if something happened when he was in the field, and he came home to a devastating scene of a home invasion? (I watch far too many crime shows, but I always like to be prepared for the worst. I guess you could say I’ve rubbed off on him.) He then proceeded to ask, “Who do you talk to on a daily basis that would suspect something if they didn’t hear back from you?” And it really got me thinking.

I have made some amazing friends throughout my time as a military girlfriend and now wife. Girls who have done more for me (even though I have never met them in person) than people I, at one point or another, considered a friend. Sure, I have “friends” here, but do I have friends here? If and when we move away, would we still be friends? If they didn’t hear back from me, would they check on me? I know up front that some of the girls I’ve met on this journey, I have only related to and become “friends”/friends with because of our lifestyle as a military spouse or girlfriend. For most, I’m not sure whether we’ll be friends after all is said and done and Ryan and I are living a civilian life again. That’s just a waiting game really. I guess in a way, I’d rather have friends that I’ve never met in person. I know that regardless of how far away we are from each other, we are, and will continue to be, friends.

I’ve found that friends take a lot of time and even more effort. It doesn’t just happen. Or maybe it does for some. But what I’ve also found is that people don’t want to put in the time or effort. And maybe that’s just how the majority of our generation, and generations after us, are now. As often as you hear it, the saying about people coming and going for a reason or to teach us a lesson, doesn’t really sink in until you feel it. You don’t fully grasp that concept until you feel someone taking advantage of you as a friend, or until you stand back and metaphorically watch that “friend” walk out of your life. “Friends” have taught me a lot of lessons, and I’m glad some have only stayed for a short season of my life. But I’m beyond grateful for my few friends that have proven to me over and over that they don’t need quotation marks around their title.

My maid of honor, my best friend, the only bridesmaid who wasn't family.

My maid of honor, my best friend, the only bridesmaid who wasn’t family.


Valentine’s Day.

Before we were married, we used that Couple app. and Ryan drew this for me.  He's cute.

Before we were married, we used that Couple app. and Ryan drew this for me. He’s cute.

Yesterday, Ryan and I decided to meet at the commissary on his lunch break to get stuff to make tacos for Valentine’s Day. We haven’t made tacos since we’ve been married, so we figured why not? (We tried this taco sauce stuff that you pour in the skillet over the browned taco meat. It was awful. We had the worst tacos ever for Valentine’s Day. But it was a fun memory.) So while we were shopping and then standing in the forever long line, I cannot even count how many guys had flowers and a box of chocolates. I wanted to slap every flower and ever box of chocolates out of every dude’s hands. Guys, the only time that is acceptable is if it is being sent to her because you can’t be there, or it is in addition to something else. Something better. After all, Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. If you’re going to make something of it, really make something of it. Nothing is worth doing with half effort anyways.

Flowers are acceptable. For the most part, girls love flowers. They make us feel special. And what girl doesn’t want to feel special? Personally, I hate roses. I would not feel special if Ryan sent me roses and he knows that. I think they’re ugly and cliche. I prefer Gerber Daisies. And recently, I’ve developed a strong liking for tulips. But that’s just me.

It’s the flowers and chocolate combo that I cannot stand. I mean, really, guys? When did you think of that idea for your oh-so-special Valentine? The day of, on your lunch break? Or even better, on the way home, while you’re panicking about walking through the door empty handed? The (also) cliche flower-chocolate combo is not acceptable. Ever. (Unless it’s that time of the month. Then it’s up to her discretion.) As a valentine, I would appreciate some thought. If you’re not going to put thought into it, then let’s just skip celebrating, okay? Cool. Also, I’d like to point out that chocolate candy and chocolate covered strawberries/ fruit bouquet with chocolate dipped fruit are not the same thing. Why? Because you have to order those things (typically), which means they had to think about it before the 14th.

Want to know what else I’d be upset about if I got? One of those gigantic four foot tall Vermont Teddy Bears. A personalized Vermont Teddy Bear is one thing. It has the potential to be really cute and very thoughtful. The four foot one though is just obnoxious on every level. If Ryan ever got me that, this is how it would go. First, I’d laugh at him trying to carry it in. Second, once the laughing had commenced, I would ask him why he thought I would like a four foot tall teddy bear. Next, I’d just get pissed because now I have a four foot tall teddy bear taking up an entire corner in a room, but I’d feel obligated to keep it because not only did he think I’d like it, he spent one hundred dollars on it. One. Hundred. I’d rather him put one hundred dollars towards his truck payment than buy me a four foot tall teddy bear. But that’s just me I guess.

Those are just my personal thoughts and opinions that I decided to document here on my blog. If you are a recipient of the flower-chocolate combo and you absolutely love it, I’m happy for you. To each their own. I hope one day, you get to experience horrible tacos and an original thought out gift* one Valentine’s Day. Unless you love the flowers-chocolate combo. And if you do, again, I’m happy for you.

*If you’re wondering what I got besides awful tacos, then you’re obviously not an avid follower and that makes me sad. For you. But you can read what I got here.

More snow and another new baby!


As of this weekend, we have another new baby in the family! Ryan tells me I’m still #1, but let’s be serious… everyone knows this truck just took my place:


So, yeah. That’s that. I think I’m just as in love with it as he is, though, so I can’t complain.

It’s another snow day. Not really. I mean, yes, half the town is shut down, but the base is still open. And as I sit here and watch the snow fall, I’m sure most people will end up getting sent home. Except for Ryan and his guys. Again. Why? The MAI course is done so that’s not keeping him at work this time. No, this time it’s worse. He’s in the field. It iced/rained all night, was raining/snowing when I woke up, and is just snowing now. Usually Ryan asks me about the weather as he’s packing up, but he didn’t ask when he was packing up on Sunday. I hope he knew it was gonna be this cold. I woke up so much last night and I’d sit up to see if the truck was outside, hopeful that they’d send the guys home. But he’s still not home. I wish at the very least I could take him some of the “hot hands” we have. Oh, and to top it off, they don’t have trucks with them during this training. They got dropped off by ospreys, and they’ll be on foot all week. So he’s sleeping on cold, hard ground. Fingers crossed that he’ll be home soon!

I did crossfit with my friend, Ally, yesterday. I know it was good because I’m sore today. I did the rope climb for the first time yesterday and made it all the way to the top!


I was proud of myself!… and so was the creeper who was watching us. Ugh. Ryan told us to go to the HITT gym because the guys who workout there are more focused on their workout than the girls. This guy was an exception to the rule, and I think everyone knew it. I highly doubt any guys read my blog, but guys, don’t be that guy. It’s not attractive. I promise.

Check out this fun shoot I did for a friend!


Irina and Jared were so fun to work with. They were my first shoot with my new camera, and my first beach shoot! Lots of firsts, and I think it turned out great, so I’m happy. If you want to see more from this shoot, like my photography page on Facebook! {}


New shoots, new crafts, new babies.


How bad am I at keeping up with this thing? Pretty bad. But I’ve made it a goal to post at least once a week. So here’s to doing better with it. Anyways, Ryan worked all weekend. We didn’t get to go to our friend’s Superbowl party, and the Superbowl was a huge blowout anyway. I mean, I know even professional athletes have off days. I was a soccer player for 17 1/2 years. I know what an off day is like. But for an entire professional team to have an off day during one of the biggest games of their career?! EEK! ha.

I did another homecoming shoot. Being a new photographer, it’s hard to get shoots sometimes. I voluntarily went to this one for a friend and took pictures simply because I wanted new pictures.


My friend, Korrie, is on the right. Her friend Cassie, whose husband was deployed with Korrie’s husband, was also there. Their husbands got off the bus at different times, so I was able to capture both! :D It was a win-win for me! And the lady in the background of Cassie’s picture is not a lurker. That’s his mom! I think that makes the picture infinitely more special. I’ve heard about so many mother-in-laws that have just been so crazy. Moms, he will always be your little boy, but he is also someone’s husband now. Let her get the first hug. End rant. Oh, another fun fact about Korrie, she’s 8 months pregnant (I know you can’t tell. She is still so tiny. Even her belly is tiny.), and I get to take their pictures at the hospital when Miss Emma makes her debut! I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

While I was MIA, I also finished these bad boys:


It took me a lot longer than I anticipated. That NY was beyond difficult. But I did it. And there they are! I’m happy with how they turned out, and my customer was happy with how they turned out. I like when that happens.

Want to see the newest addition to our little family? Meet my two newest babies:


I’m in love all over again. This is my Valentine’s present from Ryan, my birthday present from Ryan and my parents, as well as part of next Christmas from Ryan and my parents. I don’t even care. I love them. I actually have a shoot tomorrow and Friday, and would’ve had one on Saturday and Sunday, but the weather isn’t going to cooperate. Boo. But since I am using it tomorrow, I need to end this and practice with it a bit. Bye.

Snow Day #3



Okay, seriously, how cute is my logo?! A friend of mine, Amanda, read my last blog, and was like, “Hey! I can help you with a logo!” Who even knows how I didn’t know she could do that. But she can. And I’m beyond excited to have it now! She’s a new blogger, too, so check her out here! Now if only this snow and ice would go away and stop messing with my shoots so I can use my new logo on some pictures, that’d be great.

We’re on snow day #3 now.  I’ve done nothing but eat. I think I’ve gained 10 pounds. For the sake of my body fat, this snow needs to go away. Actually, the snow is whatever. It’s the ice that needs to go away. The ice is the reason why no one can go anywhere and the base is shut down. Which is actually annoying because Ryan is currently teaching an MAI (Martial Arts Instructor) course and they have to keep it going, so now he has to work weekends. And since he has to work this weekend, we might miss the Superbowl party at our friend, Katie and Nate’s. And that would stink because they’re moving to Germany in April! They’re doing lots of fun stuff before they leave though like going home to visit for the last time for the next two years, and then they’re goin’ to NYC for their anniversary! How cool!? So yeah, they’re off to do all that fun stuff before they go overseas so we need to see them!

Also, this ice has caused me to cancel a homecoming shoot. Fortunately, she’s been super laid back about it from the beginning and her parents will be there to capture the moment for her, but still. They’re such fun shoots! I just can’t risk driving an hour away to Cherry Point with the conditions of the roads right now in my two-wheel drive Honda Civic. A lot of Northerners are laughing at us, but the fact is this: Regardless of whether or not we know how to drive in the snow, it’s not snow. It’s ice. And when it comes to ice, you have no control. Aside from the fact that it’s ice, and even if it was snow, we do not have the precautions in place to handle this weather. We do not have salt trucks or plows to clear our roads. We are completely left to our own devices. In addition, many of us do not have a four-wheel drive vehicle. It just doesn’t cross our minds as a necessity when car shopping. So, with that being said, let us enjoy our snow days! :)

I made cookies today. Well, “cookies”. They’re clean, only have 6 ingredients, and I made them in my mini muffin silicone molds so they’d be neater. They came out amazing! I found the recipe on an Instagram page, @busygirlseatclean, and just tweaked it a bit. If you’re into cleaning up your diet a bit, check ‘em out!


Connect with me people! I love knowing you’ve read my blog, so whether you comment here, share it, or connect through other social media, add me, follow me, whatever! I’ve added a convenient little bar on the right side of my blog so all you have to do it click on the logo! :)



166021_10102052183814032_164655125_n Last year we actually got to go “home” to Michigan for about two weeks. It was glorious.

If you don’t know what movie the title of this post is from, we may or may not be able to be friends. It depends on how much I like you. Regardless, it’s a snow day! And tomorrow might be one too! The whole base is shut down. This town was not made for snow. Ryan and I went to Food Lion last night just so we didn’t have to drive in the snow if we could avoid it, and everyone had the same plan! Except I think some were a little too serious about it. It brought out the prep-er in a lot of people. Like the milk and bread were both bought out, and eggs weren’t far behind. Really? It’s not an apocalypse, people. It’s just snow.

Aside from that madness, I’m pretty excited about it. Excited like one of those old school window cling Garfield dolls with the suction cups on it’s paws, just clinging to the windows, waiting for the snow to start falling. They keep predicting that we’ll get mass amounts, but I’m not even getting my hopes up. A dusting would be nice. That’s all this Florida girl wants!

Anyone else terribly excited for the snow?! All my northern followers probably hate me. Comment!

Food; It Has My Heart



So I completely forgot to update y’all on how my White Chicken Chili came out! In short, amazing. Seriously. If you haven’t tried it before, do. You won’t regret it. I guess you could say Ryan and I kind of had a chili cook off because he made up his own recipe for chili the next night (pictured above). Oh, but just to emphasize my love of food, just as we were sitting down to eat my chili, I decided we needed cornbread. So we dumped our chili back in the crock pot, went to Food Lion, and got some cornbread. And since we were there, we each got a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, too. This may or may not have been the start of my downward spiral. Crap. Anyways, my chili is pictured below because it’s grainy and not that great of a picture.


But seriously, I try to eat clean most of the time. If you saw me in a bathing suit or f you saw what I was bringing to my friend, Katie’s, Superbowl party, you’d be like, “Whoa. Hypocrite much?” But I’m okay with unhealthy in moderation. (However, if you do want healthy Superbowl ideas, visit because she rocks.) The problem isn’t as much in my eating as it is in my lack of motivation to actually work out. And portion control. Actually, I’m willing to bet it’s all portion control. Ha. I’m really bad at it. Maybe one day I’ll look fit like Ryan. Maybe.


In other exciting news, I got my first Nature Box last week! I love it! Your first box is discounted, and then you can get $10 off every time you refer a friend. Pretty cool! We’re trying not to buy any snacks so that we can just eat what we get in our box. They’re customizable, so you can add snacks, and choose snacks based on your dietary needs (vegan, soy free, gluten conscious, lactose free, non-GMO, and nut free). I think it’s pretty awesome. Especially because there’s only one store in Jacksonville for health foods, and everything else is an hour away in Wilmington. Anyways, check it out! I also think there’s a Groupon for it. Even better.

I know there’s another box similar to this called Conscious Box, but I decided to go with Nature Box. No particular reason, I just did. If you do get the Conscious Box, comment and tell me how you like it! Or just comment in general. My comment box is always empty and it’s sad. Okay, thanks. :)